RAYA  Innovation Center (RTI) has been established for the all hotelier talant’s and  consoultant’s  memebers who they can create the new ideas in  hospitalithy and management that to achive the strategy of the government and companies to share the development in  the market and business , It’s one of the RTI social services to support all intersted in business, You can join RTI innovation center by registring your experince , general information and education  by completing the membership request .

Be Our Partner


3 Steps to join RTI Innovation Center

  1. Register your information and complete the membership form .
  2. RTI team will review your details and they will send your membership acceptance .
  3. You will receive the membership Card .

RTI Membership Benifts

  • You will attend the social workshop and events which orginse by RTI Institute
  • You will get special discount for prepared international progrmaes for Leadership and other programes
  • RTI managmengt will select some of active members to  join our programes for FREE .
  • You will join RTI researching and development Consulting community.
  • You will join the Innovation and creativity members for annual winner in Madinah Hospitaligty and man agment which will orginse by RAYA Institute .

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